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This is the only rose based scent I own as a fragrance - purely because most others are commonly targeted at a female audience. This however, is pure class in a bottle that I think suits a male wearer more so. I get many compliments from ladies when wearing this fragrance. I’m so happy Serge has decided to keep it in the new 100ml bottle line. 10/10

The word ambergris comes from the Old French "ambre gris" or "grey amber", [5] which in turn derives from the Arabic word "ʿanbar", meaning ambergris. The word "amber" comes from the same source but since the late 13th century in Europe , it has been applied almost exclusively to fossilised tree resins from the Baltic region .

Substance - Scent / Relish SessionsSubstance - Scent / Relish SessionsSubstance - Scent / Relish SessionsSubstance - Scent / Relish Sessions